Fix belkin.setup network won’t show up in network list

Internet services provided by Belkin are absolutely over the top but a few issues arise now and then, one of which is Belkin.setup won’t show up in the networks list. Not being able to see the Belkin.setup network in the network list is one hell of a problem I must say. Don’t worry, because we have an easy solution.

What exactly is Belkin.setup?

Two-minute silence for the people that thought it is something very difficult to deal with and understand. Folks, it’s nothing but the default network name that shows up when you install Belkin extender.


If you don’t have an Ethernet cable in order to install Belkin extender or don’t have a computer. You can use any browser to connect your Belkin extender to your router. As soon as you plug the extender into power, it will automatically broadcast signals. When you plug the extender to power you will be able to see Belkin.setup in the network list.

In case you don’t see Belkin.setup in your network list, here are the steps to follow to fix it.

Steps to fix Belkin.setup won’t show up issue

  • The first thing you can do is to reset the Belkin extender. You can do so by pressing the reset button and hold for about 8 to 10 seconds. Don’t just reset your extender, do the same with your computer as well. 
  • In order to fix Belkin.setup won’t show up the problem, make arrangements for an Ethernet cable and connect the computer and extender with the cable.
  • Type Belkin.range in your browser and set up a connection with the extender console. 
  • Join the present router network with the help of the password on the router. 
  • Now, you should see that the default network name is Belkin.setup it will automatically be set to OPEN mode for all. You can change the name to whatever you want. 
  • If you still don’t see Belkin.setup, your final option is to reboot the Belkin range extender and reset it back to factory default.

You can set it up again easily but following the below-mentioned steps:

How to set up the Belkin router easily?

When you set up your Belkin router, it allows all the other devices in your surroundings to share the high-speed internet connection. You can do so by following two methods:

With the help of Belkin setup disk

  • Be extra sure that the modem, as well as the Belkin router, is disconnected from the power outlet. 
  • Hook up the modem to the Belkin router with the help of an Ethernet cable. 
  • Now, you can connect the modem as well as the Belkin router to the power outlet. 
  • You will receive a Belkin setup disk with your router; insert it into the disc drive on your computer or laptop.
  • Click RUN THE EASY INSTALL WIZARD, when you do so, you will see a bunch of instructions. Go according to them. 
  • On the last page of the setup wizard, click finish and then close the wizard. Wizard will now show that the Belkin router is connected to wifi.

With the help of the manual setup

  • Disconnect your modem and router from the power outlet, connect modem and router using an Ethernet cable and plug them into the power outlet again. 
  • Now, bring out another Ethernet cable and connect your computer or laptop to the router. 
  • Open any web browser and type in the address bar. 
  • Enter your username and click login. 
  • Make sure you leave the password section empty and then click on submit. This will leave you logged in to your router. 
  • Under the Internet WAN section find and click on the connection type. 
  • Now, you will be shown some of the connection types you can choose from. 
  • Dynamic is the most common type of connection but if you are not sure about yours, contact your internet service provider.
  • The internet service provider (ISP) will also provide you with network details. Enter those and click APPLY CHANGES.
  • Check if the internet connections section shows CONNECTED, if it does then the Belkin router is connected to the internet.

Tips to avoid problems with Belkin router setup

  • Make sure that the positioning of your router is away from appliances that might interfere in the maintenance of a strong and high internet speed. 
  • read more about antivirus blocking internet and how to fix it.
  • Having busted and faulty Ethernet cables prevent you from being able to connect to the internet.
  • Clear out your browser history as well as your internet browser cache. 
  • In case you are unable to login to your router, press and hold the reset button for about 10 to 12 seconds. Doing this will erase all the custom settings and will restore the router back to factory default.

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